Pan Asia Resources offers our clients workforce solutions. We tailor our solutions to meet your needs. Through our multi-level quality and technical screening, we find you the perfect candidate whose experience, values and skills are consistent with your company’s needs. We offer the following workforce solutions:

Pan Asia Resources understands that clients have short and long term project needs. We take care of evaluating and interviewing the candidate to find you the best professional in a short span of time. Contract Service not only saves you time but also takes away the burden of managing payroll services so that you can focus on your day-to-day business operations.

The advantage of contract-to-hire is that the client and employee get to see if this is a right fit for them in terms of the job, culture and people. The benefit the client gets to enjoy the same contract services from Pan Asia Resources while having the confidence and peace of mind that they have made the right decision for the long-term.

Pan Asia Resources provides you with direct hire services and takes care of the recruiting process for you to fill your permanent positions. We provide candidates with rare-skill fulfillments that span across an array of job categories. Clients have the option of direct hiring or taking existing PAR consultants on contract and then converting them to permanent employees.

At Pan Asia Resources, our outsourcing services stand among top leaders in the industry. We provide you with a team of well-educated professionals with multiple linguistic abilities. We take care of managing the entire facility and logistics while being timely and cost-effective.

Throughout the years Pan Asia Resources has worked with companies across the nation on small to large scale projects. We have an active database that allows to handle any project for our client. Our deep pool of professionals and consultants allows us to provide you with the best services and skill sets.

We provide payroll services that takes care of several employment functions that include payroll processing and tax administration for all of the consultants contracted. Every state has different laws, and our expert Finance & Payroll team take care that all process have been followed. We can take away the payroll administration burden from you and assure you that it is handled properly.

Pan Asia Resources provides recruitment professionals who manage all of the internal recruitment for your company. Our process provides you time-saving solutions with a cost reduction. We provide a competitive advantage with a vast database of talent pool. We find the candidates for you and ensure they are the best through multiple technical and quality screenings.

Being a women-owned minority company we understand the significance of supplier diversity recruiting. We have a good understand of what goes into looking and sourcing the best diverse talent pool that can make a difference to your organization. We’re looking for the best performers while making sure they also fit to your companies supplier diversity requirements.